Apps For Everyone

Below you will find a listing of apps that are applicable to teachers, students and even parents. I've used this list in presentations and wanted a place to keep each of these.


Evernote is a wonderful cross platform app. Take notes, create task lists, record lectures/notes, annotate pictures, share notebooks, etc.

Dropbox is simple file sharing from almost any device. Create folders and share almost anything!

Free Microsoft Office app (available currently only for iPad) that harnesses the power Dropbox to view and edit (within certain limits) Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Flipboard allows the user a one stop place to view news, magazines, rss feeds (from Google Reader) as well as updates from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. (Currently only available to iPad & iPhone)


As advertised, Zite is a personalized magazine. Simply tell it what subjects you want to know more about, and Zite curates the content from headlines and blogs. Zite allows the user to "like" or "dislike" articles and select specific tags within a subject to further customize the experience.

Plizy does for videos what Zite does for news feeds & blogs.

Qwiki is basically a video based encyclopedia. Type in a topic in the search bar and find an information video.

TED has become known far and wide for their "talks" on various subjects from people all over the world. This app allows one to view those videos all over the world.


Awesome set of video tutorials on math, science, finance & economics, humanities, and test prep. All of this for FREE!

itunesu_icon.jpgiTunes U
Lectures from school around the world...mostly universities.

Free documentary films on almost any subject.

Diigo is a social bookmarking platform that allows one to access their favorite bookmarks from any web enabled device.

Dragon Dictation is a great speech to text application. One can email, copy & paste, tweet, or post on Facebook recorded messages


App Shopper

Looking for a specific app or wondering when a app goes on sale? These two apps can help you keep track of apps on your wish list to get the best deal. It also can alert you to new apps as they appear in certain categories. A great way to keep track of new and discounted apps.